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Notes to offer inspiration, guidance and resources, and encourage a little "me-time". Press pause, make a cuppa and enjoy reading a Nurtured Note.


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Welcome to Nurture Nourish Flow

Hello, I'm Danielle Watkins.

My family and I live in a small seaside town in Victoria, Australia. I love being a wife and a Mum, enjoy daily walks with my puppies and have been navigating the path back to me (I lost myself for a little while). Over the last few years I've really given a lot of thought to the ways in which I take care of myself and reconnecting to who I am.   Embracing the 'press pause' and creating moments in my day just for me.

What is Nurture Nourish Flow?

My hope is that this offers you a place to press pause in your day and take a few moments for a self check-in.  Some encouragement to embrace a kind and gentle approach to your health & wellbeing. One that steps away from the restriction, deprivation and guilt and puts an end to seeking the quick-fixes.  Instead you are offered the space to consider your individual needs and take self-guided steps forward ~ a self-first approach.

It would be wonderful to share this journey with you. One of my favourite ways to connect (other than enjoying a walk together) is to sit with a friend and enjoy a cuppa (usually a coffee).  Where we sit beside each other, press pause on our day and enjoy a thoughtful conversation. Would you join me for a cuppa and a chat? Subscribe to receive notes from me to your inbox. I also welcome you to email me at any time, I would love to reply.