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4 ways to reduce overwhelm in December (2023)

Let’s be honest with each other today, December can be a time of joy and also a time that leads to overwhelm and exhaustion. 

For many of us it is a time of year that brings additional tasks and huge expectations. And we find ourselves trying to squeeze far too much into our already busy daily lives.

The constant juggling of expectations at this time of year leave most of us feeling exhausted.  Additional responsibilities such as; decorating the house, attending Christmas parties, being at all of the events, gift shopping, juggling multiple visits on Christmas Day and lets not forget wrapping up our work year, can be enough to have us wishing for January to be here already!

Are you ready to learn how to reduce the overwhelm this festive season and invite more calm into your life this December?

Table of Contents 

  1. Adopt daily habits to reset your energy

  2. Give yourself permission to say No

  3. Tune in to what feels good

  4. Set some healthy boundaries

  5. Self care advent calendar


Close your eyes for a moment and imagine yourself moving through December feeling calm, catching your thoughts as they come, resetting your energy with mindful activities and being present during the special times in December.

Today, I’d like to share a little secret with you… it doesn’t have to be like this!  Please find below a four tips to help you navigate the silly season.

  1. Adopt daily habits to reset your energy

    Take a few small steps each day to nurture your energy is key at this time of year.  You want to discover the activities that increase your energy and those that allow you to unwind.

    Energy boosters:
      • A 15-30 minute walk outside in the fresh air
      • Talking to a friend
      • Turn your phone to silent
      • Enjoy your favourite meal or beverage
    Time to unwind:
      • Set your bedtime for one hour earlier
      • Light your favourite candle, play soft music, meditation or a podcast and lay down for 20 minutes
  2. Give yourself permission to say No

    Make your choice to say No an easy one.  

    • Be clear on what you have time for and what you don’t.  
    • Simplify where you can
    • Manage decision fatigue by planning ahead -  e.g. meal plan for the week ahead, do a brain dump and eliminate the to-do-list items that are not a priority, 
    • Think ahead to Christmas Day - do you really need to be juggling the multi-stopovers? And if you do need to be at them all, then plan ahead and factor in 5-10 minutes of downtime in between (this can be mindful moments in your car, listen to an uplifting song, turn on a podcast during your drive)Reading Book And Drinking Coffee Me time<br /> Daily self care
  3. Tune in to what feels good

    What do you enjoy doing? Are there events and activities that you look forward too?

    Spend most of your time on what gives you joy and makes you feel good. 

    At the beginning of your week, write down 3-5 ideas and schedule the time in your calendar to do them.  

  4. Set some healthy boundaries

    Healthy boundaries help avoid decision fatigue and provide clarity for what’s important. 

    • Understand the expectations on you and others - are you setting expectations that are unrealistic for yourself and others? Spend time thinking this through.
    • Get clear on what your priorities are for the week ahead. This will help you make decisions when new invitations arise.
    • Look through your calendar and identify where you can free up time. This may involve saying No to events and activities.
    • Communication - have open and honest conversations.

Are you ready to learn how to reduce the overwhelm this festive season and invite more calm into your life this December?

Take on the rest of December with ease and calm using the Nurture Nourish Flow self-care advent calendar. You are offered gentle nudges, prompts and suggested activities that encourage you to prioritise your needs. 

This calendar was only released 10 days ago and this feedback has already been received:

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Download your copy today and get started by taking just a few simple steps each day to remove the overwhelm.

Most of all, please remember that this time of year is an opportunity to welcome joy, gratitude and connection. Get clear on your priorities and set realistic expectations so that you can enjoy the special moments.  

If this reflection has resonated with you or you have a different take on things, please share in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you.