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Nurture Nourish Flow experiences are designed to transform your daily life through moments of pause, self-reflection and mindful living. Offering a realistic and sustainable approach. 

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You wake up to the sound of your alarm feeling tired and un-refreshed
  • You begin your day in a rush and try to cram everything into your busy schedule
  • You constantly feel overwhelmed and exhausted
  • You constantly juggle everything and never pause to consider your own needs
  • You feel unfilled and are no longer sure of whats really important to you
  • You overreact to the circumstances around you?

Whether it’s taking your frustrations out on others, getting cranky with your work-load, not eating so that you can get the job done or perhaps it’s forgetting an important date or school activity, the truth is it will eventually catch up on you. 

Let's make a shift to;  prioritising your needs, calming your responses and focussing your energy on what is important to you.

I'll walk alongside you as you make these changes.


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Meet your accredited health and wellbeing coach, Danielle Watkins.

receive coaching from an accredited health coachIt was only a few short years ago that I realised I was overwhelmed and frustrated. I was tired, worn-out, lacking energy, overreacting to situations, feeling unheard and unclear of who I was.  Juggling all of the things, pretending to be someone I'm not, not getting enough sleep and being unclear in my decisions all got me to the place of feeling worn out.  I certainly was not in tune with what was best for me or prioritising my needs.

I knew something had to change! In 2014 I simply decided that I couldn't do this on my own anymore.  A series of opportunities came along that empowered me to get on track: seeking support from a Naturopath, working with a Coach, educating myself with proper knowledge and in turn Health Coaching studies.

My big shift really happened when I recognised two important aspects:

(1) A whole new world opened up as I began exploring my wellbeing from a whole person. I had to learn that we cannot achieve change with a quick fix view , it requires regular practice with realistic and sustainable approaches. Adopting a series of healthy habits, one step at a time, which has allowed me to give up the ‘quick fix’ mentality and to move away from guilt, deprivation and restriction.
(2) Seeking guidance & support; I needed someone who could help me understand what was going on  and if I’m honest, I was looking for someone to tell me that it would be OK and that it wasn’t all just in my head!

The next step of the journey; being able to pay it forward to other women by being a guiding lightMy approach will offer you; encouragement, support and guidance to explore a more mindful approach through joy, self-kindness, self-care and wonder (an open-mind and open-heart). I know this sounds a little different than what you are use to seeing and hearing in regards to Health! However I am super keen to strip it all back, remove your overwhelm and help you take control of your Health. Ultimately, your health impacts every area of your life. I want to support you in discovering your beliefs and mindset around health & wellbeing.

The best place for you to begin this journey with me is to fill out the form below and we will start an email conversation. 

Embrace the 'press pause' and create moments in your day to take care of you.



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Here are some ways to receive support as you undertake a guided journey back to you; 

Your health impacts every area of your life, and I am here to support you in discovering your beliefs and mindset around health & wellbeing.

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