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Do you sometimes find yourself craving a break and some ‘quiet space’?

Craving the quiet space is exactly where I have found myself recently.  Wanting more time in nature, less time on social media and technology, taking myself away from opinions & negativity and wanting to declutter everything!  Sometimes the need creeps up on me, other times it screams out to me until I listen (hello feeling burnt out or cranky as my signals).

Let's take a little break together now.... 

I invite you to make a cuppa and spend a few moments with me taking a break. I wanted to share this with you today... 
Recently I have had to listen to the whispers that I have been receiving when it comes to social media, and now find myself taking a little break.  I've managed to get my thoughts out of my head and on to paper, which can be found in my recently blog post link below. I hope you enjoy reading it. 

2020 and this first part of 2021 had me questioning so many things, as I am sure that it did for many of you. It has been a wonderful time of reflection and exploring what is important to me.  Some of that has been met by what feels like a mini-melt-down at the time as I work through the thoughts in my head, the external expectations and noise, the struggle to recognise my gifts/talents/strengths and the growth that is needed to move forward.  It's a work in progress and just when I feel like I have my "awareness in check", a little something pops up to throw me off balance.  What I have noticed recently though is that when I have my mini-melt-down moment, it means something bigger and better is coming on the other side of that. 

As I shared, I have been craving quiet space lately. Probably because of the reflecting I have been doing! Craving a break and the quiet space relates well to my personality - I am someone who is quiet and gentle by nature, loves being at home in her pj's, enjoying walks in nature and I some times I want to become a hermit 😉  I watched the movie Land with a friend recently and joked to her, and my family, that living in a cabin in the woods sounds like exactly where I want to be. Pity I don't enjoy camping though 🤪

Is this craving for quiet-space more about understanding and reflection?

In all seriousness this craving has been lingering for a little while and what began as a gentle nudge seems to be growing.   Over the past few years I have spent time decluttering, switching off the news (yes I live in a bubble), removing myself from social interactions that don't make me feel good, letting go of activities and tasks that I don't need to be doing, going back to enjoying daily walks, attempting to simplify life and create the calm and quiet. 

This reflection time is giving me the opportunity to discover what is truly important to me, and by quietening the noise, expectations, activities, thoughts and perceptions around me, I can reconnect to those important things.   The process has been teaching me a lot. Of course as you quieten the external influences (social media, news, other people's opinions) you own are reflected back to you.  This has given me a chance to put more mindful thought into what I put out into the world as well - my energy, teaching my how often my opinions are not necessary and being mindful of the words I speak. I have only very recently become aware of this, and its usually after the fact that I think about it.  Definitely something that I need to explore some more. 

Maintaining the quiet space

I will definitely need to give myself the time and space to work through this and not get caught up in the rush.  In order to support myself in pressing pause, here is what I have been doing (and will continue to do):

  • Be ok with being me! Yep I said it, I need to actually be ok with who I am, what I need and learning more about my traits and strengths but also be ok with the person I am not (and the strengths and traits that I don't have). I'm still working through this one!
  • Creating moments in my day to have no physical noise - whether that is taking a walk without listening to a podcast, not turning the TV on etc.
  • Stopping and taking in the view - we often don't see what is in front of us or we get so used to seeing it that our eyes glaze over when it's right in front of us.  So I have been intentionally "stopping" when I walk along the coastline. In that moment I take in the view, breathe in the air and really take note of the beauty of nature.
  • I'd also love to place a big pink arm chair (like in the photo to the right) at the edge of the ocean and spend hours just being.
  • A break from social media - honestly that space has been driving me crazy for a very long time! It's only recently that I have fully accepted that I need to take a break. You can read more about this by visiting my blog post
  • Decluttering - cleaning up and getting rid of stuff has been a hobby of mine for years! What I have noticed though is that when I have a big project coming up, need to get ready for something or am feeling stuck with something (particularly in business), I do a big clean up. It allows me to clear the physical (and home environment) noise around me. 
  • I have recently completed some professional development training to learn 5 foundational visualisation techniques. They help me find 3-5 minutes in my day to tune out the noise and create quiet space just for me.  I am now able to share these beautiful techniques with others. I will share more about this at another time. 

So as you can see, I've been working through a lot of discovery. Why am I sharing this with you today? Well you may notice that I am a little quiet from time to time, you may not see my presence on social media consistently, and you may even find me in a log cabin one day soon!   Mostly though, I wanted to share it in case you have found yourself going through something similar. Craving the quiet, wanting to reconnect to what is important to you and even just taking a break, are all completely ok.   I was reminded in a podcast recently,

this lifetime is short, so embrace the moments and enjoy it in the best way that you can.


Image references:

Pink chair on beach Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash  

Log cabin Photo by Pierre Jarry on Unsplash  

Featured image Photo by Myles Tan

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