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Have you heard about our online Masterclasses? Here’s what’s coming up in July…

Would you like to be part of heart-felt and thoughtful conversations surrounded by a warm and nurtured Community of Women? 

Our online Masterclasses invite you to be part of engaging conversations from the comfort of your own home. 

The next Nurtured Circle Masterclass has been confirmed and I'm super excited to be bringing this special guest speaker and topic of conversation to our lovely Members.

I met Tara on a plane to Queensland back in 2015 and she introduced me to the Health Coaching Certification program which led of course to my studies. Tara has been a huge support not only in my studying but in supporting my business journey. I am delighted that she has said "Yes" to coming and sharing her knowledge on Hormone Health. She is very passionate about this topic.

The Live Masterclass will be held on Wednesday 14th July at 8pm AEST via zoom. 

And as always the recordings are saved to our private members portal so that it can be accessed at any time.

How do you receive access to this session?

  1. Join The Nurtured Circle Membership by clicking on the button below
  2. The zoom code will be sent to you just before the session takes place
  3. In the meantime, access our back catalogue of Masterclass sessions via our private membership portal (you will receive the log-in link to the portal following your registration.

Here's a little bit about Tara and how magical this session is going to be.....

Tara Green (van der Vliet), from Green Tara Wellness is a Holistic Health Coach, NLP (neuro linguistic programming) coach & Naturopathy student.

Tara helps busy women, who are struggling to manage work-family-life balance, and seeing their own health and wellbeing suffer as a result. Tara works with women on overcoming their ‘brain bully’, and embracing their ‘enoughness'. She provides her clients with simple and achievable strategies in order for them to say goodbye to the fatigue and frustration and hello to more energy & vibrancy!

The sad truth is that 8 out of 10 women in Australia experience hormone imbalance!

And Tara has seen the emotional, physical and financial impact of hormone imbalance on so many women and their families and loves helping women.

She's not just training in it, she’s lived it! Over the years she has spent thousands of dollars and seen numerous health professionals without much success. Most recently after a thyroid diagnosis following a miscarriage. Tara knows what works, from both the books and the experience, and how to get humming hormones for you.

What you will get from investing 30-40 minutes with Tara:

  • The simple steps to balance your hormones - Fast!
  • How to stop spending hundreds of dollars, or hours of your time get those hormones glowing!
  • Discover the impact of ‘rush’ on your hormone health.
  • How to balance your hormones with my adrenal health protocol - No experience required!
  • Rapidly balance your hormones with 3 simple diet & lifestyle steps - even if you don't have any money!
  • Eliminate needless stress over trying to get those hormones in check, when you constantly use these strategies - For eternity!

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