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A conversation with Dr Libby Weaver, women’s health expert

“It was one of the most enlightened, heartfelt, conversations around women’s health that I’ve heard in a long time. It resonated with me deeply. Thank you"

Reflecting on a magical conversation! It was heart-felt, truthful, empowering, inspiring and considered. 

I first saw Dr Libby Weaver, women's health expert, present at a Food Matters TV live event in 2015. Immediately, I was reassured that there was a different way to approach my health and wellbeing. One that didn't involve yo-yo dieting or quick fix diet trends. An approach that would encourage me to step back, consider why my health was important to me and to take it to a whole new level - a space to nurture, appreciate my body and eat from a place of nourishment.

Leaving that Event, I had a new sense of hope. A sense that I had the power to change my choices and in turn change my health. I would no longer; be caught up in the latest dietary trend, deprive my body, define myself by my physical appearance and remove the need to weigh myself. In the years that have passed,  I have continued to educate myself (studying health coaching in 2016) alongside reading and studying Dr Libby's work and principles. I have purchased many of her books, with my favourite being Women's Wellness Wisdom - which I often describe as a warm hug wrapped up in a book.

So imagine my excitement when I received an email saying YES she would accept my invitation to be interviewed within my health coaching community?  I hosted this conversation with Dr Libby on this day one year ago, and now find myself coming back to reflect on her words of wisdom once again.   The messages from Dr Libby continue to ring true today and are common obstacles that many women face (time and time again). 

Key takeaways

Dr Libby's style is friendly, reassuring and from a place of true care. The following highlights came from the interview:

Are you in tune with your body?

Many women are raised with a dieting mentality. I personally began my yo-yo dieting cycle in my teenage years, and it continued through to my early 30's.  The cycle left my body depleted and my emotional wellbeing stressed and deflated.  Time and time again I would feel let down by my body thinking there was something I had to fix or that I was not good enough and didn't have the willpower to achieve success.    I had not stopped to consider that perhaps the choices I was making were not supporting my long-term health.  At the time my health goals were purely driven by losing weight.   

Dr Libby's work encourages you to view your body as your best friend.  To appreciate that it has your back and will give you messages (signs/symptoms) when it is not happy with something.   We have access to a beautiful inner compass that simply wants us to be well, to nurture and give love to ourselves. 

When we are stuck in the yo-yo dieting cycle or rigid plans devised by someone else, we are not making mindful decisions based on what is best for us.  And we continue to hand the power over to others. 

However, getting in tune with our body offers more power! And taking back your personal responsibility will encourage you to make choices and decisions from a different place.  The day-to-day decisions can look a little different when you think "what can I do to take care of myself".

Shift your focus

Health is often guided by wanting to lose weight or change some physical aspect of our body (bum, hips, thighs etc).  If you can instead consider "What does good health and wellbeing look like and feel like from me" you will have a stronger connection to your internal compass. And will usually be ok with spending a little more time seeking the answers.    You can use the answers as feedback - feedback to guide you in moving forward and change your habits/behaviours.  

It's the emotional element that still trips us up

My favourite book of Dr Libby's is Women's Wellness Wisdom (you can read my book review here). I believe this book is meant to be an experience; beginning with that warm ‘hug’ that you get as you read the introduction, right through to messages of encouragement, the questions that it poses and the self-led exercises (worksheets).  So I was very keen to talk to Dr Libby a little bit more her book. 

Dr Libby shared the intention was for the book to be "A handbook and a reference point that women could come back to time and time again."  And that's exactly how I use it.  When I asked which of the elements seem to be the common struggle area, it appears that our Emotional Landscape is always our tripping point.  We tend to stay stuck in the story that we are not good enough, we feel lousy about how we think we are suppose to look and are more often than not tired, low in energy and stressed.   

Simple tips:

  • I encourage you to find a moment to press pause and make some time for self-care. 
  • Practice some small, simple, activity's that give you the time and space to disconnect a little. 
  • The quiet space will give you an opportunity to pay attention to how you are feeling.   Yes it may take some time to be able to really tune in, so start with just noticing the little things. 
  • Some examples; have you eaten well today, how are your energy levels, did you sleep well, how much stress are you carrying and holding on to.   
  • How we feel about things often comes through via the actions that we take. 


As you can see from my overview, our health and wellbeing does not need to be guided by an external force. We each have the power within to step up and take personal responsibility. To remember that we are one with our body, there is nothing to fix and nothing to feel guilty about.  Our body is our best friend and has our back.

I would like to encourage you to learn more about Dr Libby's work (if you haven't already) and to read her Women's Wellness Wisdom guide.   Her work will take you on a beautiful experience and self-guided journey to long term health and wellbeing. 


A friendly note - the link to the Women's Wellness Wisdom Guide above will take you to a Booktopia link. I have partnered with Australian online book retailer, Booktopia, and this is an affiliate link. 

Here was the feedback from the ladies who joined me in this conversation;

“That was absolutely amazing It was so inspiring to hear Dr Libby and I took a lot away”

“It was one of the most enlightened, heartfelt, conversations around women’s health that I’ve heard in a long time. It resonated with me deeply. Thank you"

“Truly magical”

“So good, thank you”

“Thank you both so much, gorgeous souls, so much magic in this conversation”

“Ripple effects inside and out”

“You’ve got to be healthy first. Love that”

"As soon as you can see it, you’re separate from it. Love this”

“A voice inside of us that has our back….. beautiful”

“A beautiful conversation full of joy with a mutual respect between the two of you”

“I have not come across Dr Libby’s work before or her books, but my mind has been truly opened and I look forward to purchasing her books”

“Thank you Dr Libby, amazing & inspiring”

“Thank you what a great night”

“Thank you Dr Libby you are inspiring”

“I have taken away so much from this conversation”

“Thank you Dr Libby, I could listen to you all day. Trust has been a big focus for me this year, especially through the challenges”

“So many light bulb moments and almost in tears”


“Dr Libby has a huge heart”

“This was a joy to listen too, I love learning from you every day”

“Thank you Dr Libby, you have given me lots to think about”


To find out more about Dr Libby's books, programs and resources please visit her website 

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