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Self care essentials and ebook – limited edition

💕 Do you find yourself constantly ‘over-committed’?
💕 Are you in a constant state of ‘overwhelm’?
💕 Do you over-react (or negatively react) to situations that pop up within your day?
When we are in these states we are not able to fully help others or ourselves. And most of the time this leaves us feeling guilty, sad and frustrated.
How about if instead of ‘reacting’ you instead ‘choose how you respond’? Sounds lovely doesn’t it? And do you know what? Giving yourself the time to press pause throughout your day will help you make different choices. Simple 2-3 minute moments, no hour long routines, no getting up super early, no staying up for endless hours at night. No need for doing activities that work against your natural rhythm. Let’s work ‘with ourselves’ not against.
I created these beautiful limited-edition self-care gift packs as a tool that you can use to create press pause moments within your day.  Moments that will give you the space to consider your responses and reset your energy. Moments to shift your focus to prioritising and taking care of your own needs

Welcome to the Press Pause toolkit and mini toolkit.   

Both bundles have been thoughtfully put together, with a focus on handmade and Australian owned and/or made, and I have personally connected with each business and hand-selected each of the elements.

And as with anything I create, I want to offer, and be, an experience! You will receive a Press Pause e-book with the purchase of either bundle which will gently guide you through using the products and implementing positive changes in your health journey. 
I invite you learn more about each bundle by visiting the listing on my Shop page (via the links) below.